Dear guests of the restaurant "Kavkaz Bar." My name is Konstantin Golubev, and I am pleased to welcome you to our cozy establishment! Each of the dishes that you will find on the menu of our restaurant, made by me and prepared only with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Our team of professional chefs carefully suited to the preparation of Georgian cuisine. I am convinced that the dish can become a culinary masterpiece only if it is cooked with the soul and the brightest positive emotions. My goal - to give you an unforgettable gastronomic journey into the world of Georgian traditions. I wish you to fully enjoy the unique taste of our dishes in a cozy atmosphere of the restaurant "Kavkaz Bar"!

About cuisine


In the heart of St. Petersburg, a short walk from Nevsky Prospekt, in the Caravans, 18, settled area of ​​the Caucasian hospitality. Satsivi, khinkali, pasties, chanakhi - even those few titles caress the ear like music, and even taste ... In the menu - a lot of kebabs, familiar to all basturma, kebab, soup kharcho prepared from an ancient recipe, stuffed eggplant. .. fabulous dishes seasoned with spices sunny south and the unique atmosphere of generosity that will warm your heart and soul. And, of course, the best wines of the Caucasus, France, Spain, Chile is pouring river. Hence it will not want to leave!

A variety


At Caucasus Bar restaurant dishes not only the Caucasian, but also East European cuisine move. In the menu you will find sixteen types of shish kebabs, kebabs, a hashlama, dolma, the Ossetian pies and many other things. It is possible to satisfy hunger here and the pike perch prepared in a foil with mushrooms, and warm salad with beef, or any other entertainment on your taste. Also amazing sweets without which it is impossible to present any Caucasian table are also various. Only one jam – ten types, and still baklava, well-known "Napoleon", also you won't list all. Caucasian cuisine is considered one of the most original and found in the world and is intended for true gourmets. And a meal in the Caucasus it isn't simple food, and the whole ritual, which main goal – communication.